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Debbie Doo Live! 

Attending a Debbie Doo show is like nothing else that you have seen before! Featuring the talented Debbie Doo Dancers and the songs that you know and love this is a time for you and your little one dance, sing, move and groove! 

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It’s time to warm up your singing voices get and your dancing shoes on as Debbie Doo takes you and your little one on a magical musical journey where you and your child are the stars!  Sing, dance, wiggle, bounce and bop to Debbie Doo’s infectious fitness building songs while giving your child the tremendous gift of music and movement that is sure to get their little feet jumping! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s sing and move together! Ready Mr Music!

Debbie Doo is an approachable and friendly facilitator who uses the power of music and movement to connect, engage and inspire her audience. During a structured 60min show parents are encouraged to take the starring role in their child’s experience providing an ideal setting to offer them gentle, nurturing guidance as they experience the new world around them. Shared exploration of simple props, movements, actions and activities offer a wonderful opportunity for parents to fully engage with their children helping to build enduring relationships. 1,2 Designed in harmony with the early years learning framework3 the show features a strong emphasis on developing a sense of belonging within a group environment while exploring educational concepts including curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity and imagination. 

Featuring an original soundtrack written and performed by Debbie Doo the music is created to encourage kids to have fun while they dance, move and grow. Specifically written for the show and covering a wide range of styles including rock and roll, country, dance and more it helps fosters an early love of music and movement. 

In a more socially isolated and technology driven world parents constantly looking for opportunities to familiarize their children with the large group dynamic while introducing structure that will prepare them for programs like day care, preschool, primary school and beyond. ‘Let’s Move to the Music’ By Debbie Doo provides a fun, friendly and accessible expert lead 60min show that will have the audience dancing and in no doubt that music and movement can change the world!  

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