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Debbie Doo

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Through her unique ‘parent friendly’ style, Debbie Doo encourages children to sing, dance and most of all move! Every song is written to deliver core concepts in line with the early years learning framework while creating valuable opportunities for parents, grandparents and carers to be present with their children. 

'It's the music that joins the dots'


Whether it’s a video, a live show or a playlist on Spotify, Debbie Doo’s music is designed to get your little one moving, grooving and learning to the music. 
With over 80 original children’s songs in a variety of different musical genres, watch as your child has fun while gaining important developmental skills that will give them the head start they deserve! 

​"My goal is to delight and inspire children to be healthy and active while developing a deep love of music. My secret is that children never know it’s anything but fun!” 

Debbie Doo

‘My music is melodic and structured with long notes and consistent beats. The long notes help children to pitch while the consistent 4/4 beat helps to strengthen pre reading skills. With more research linking music and movement to an increase in cognitive ability, I am excited to keep writing music that will be used as a valuable resource for many years to come.’ 

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* With the help of Google it turns out it was the egg!

What came first the chicken or the egg? We may not be able to answer that riddle* but when it comes to Debbie Doo everything started with the music!


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