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4 super fun movement activities to get your child's party jumping!

It goes without saying that kids love parties and why wouldn't they! Parties represents a few hours of guaranteed unbridled fun where children can be themselves while spending time with friends or making lots of new ones! Thinking back to when you were a child (scary right!) there is a good chance it was games like pass the parcel, statue or musical chairs that really stuck in your memory - It probably also helped if you won a prize!

Even as adults, our strongest memories are often linked with a song or a dance move. My partners favourite was big square, little square cardboard box and yes…he still does it. With new research being released every week linking the benefits of music and movement to intelligence, emotional stability and even to treating a wide range of disorders who knows maybe in the future a doctor might write you a prescription for ABBA!

So how does all this fit into an article about musical activities? In a nutshell, making music as a key part of any event, encourages participation, confidence and community. Put on a great song and watch how your empty lounge room becomes an energy filled dance floor! Music creates a safe place where everyone is equal, and self-expression is encouraged. Did I also mention that it gets kids moving?

Listed below are four road tested music and movement games/activities expertly selected for your next party. Over the month remember to head over to Facebook to check out the accompanying weekly vLogs were we have a bit of fun going each one!

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1. The Limbo

An old party favourite, Limbo is a great musical activity that promotes turn taking and spatial awareness. Using a broom handle, or a long piece of plastic tubing ask two adults to hold each side while children wait in a line ready to conquer the limbo stick! Children learn to duck in anticipation while judging the space between the ground and the limbo stick as it gets lower and lower. A fun activity that will put a smile on everybody's face.

2. Shake Somebodies Hand

This is a socialisation activity that I have personally seen do wonders for shy and reserved children. I especially wrote Shake Somebody's Hand, from my album Let’s Learn to use in my parent/child classes. The results were very amazing and rewarding! In a group situation, encourage your child to shake hands with both an adult and a child to this uplifting song. At first your child might be apprehensive and refuse to shake hands but don't force the issue, just listen to the song at home and repeat the process another time. This is a great introductory song that can be used in mothers’ groups, parent/child classes, childcare centres, schools and yes even parties! What a great way to break the ice.

3. Musical Hula Hoops

This is a great take on the game musical chairs, but instead of chairs you lay, depending on the size of your group, hula hoops on the floor. As the music begins encourage children to dance around the hoops until the music stops. Then they must race to get inside a hoop with one hoop disappearing as the music commences.

The trick is. All the kids remaining must pile into the last hoop to win the game. This encourages inclusion and teamwork.

4. The Tissue Boogie

The title is self-explanatory. Strengthen balance and concentration by simply placing a tissue on your child’s head while they dance. Encourage them to try to keep the tissue on their heads while they get down and boogie. A super fun activity sure to get a few grownups giggling!

So that’s it, with all the amazing benefits, it’s time to start planning your next super musical party, playgroup or get together all the while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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