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Terrific Tott's - Riding on a Pony

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog series Terrific Tott's. Join me each week as together we explore musically themed activities, games and fun for you to do with your little one. Studies have shown that just a few minutes of quality time spent together has wonderful benefits for your long term relationship and their growth into confident, secure and happy human beans! It's exciting to share this journey with you, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If there is one sure way of getting the giggles going, it's with this weeks activity called riding on a pony. It's an activity I did with my own kids and one they still talk about to this day because it was super fun and children have a knack of remembering anything that was fun!

Ready to get started?

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Recommended for children aged 2+

Note: Special care should be taken to ensure that your child's head and neck are supported at all times.

1. Sitting on the floor with some cushions placed around you, pop your toddler on your knee making sure they feel safe by firmly holding their hands.

2. Explain to them what to expect and get them excited by saying something like "are you ready to go on a horse ride?" Watch their eyes instantly light up!

DD TIP: By performing this trust exercise your child will be motivated to watch your every move so make the most of it by looking at them directly in the eyes. This will help to establish and strengthen the all-important eye contact.

3. Start make a gentle bouncing movement pretending your little one is riding on a pony while singing along with your rhythm setting the pace of the song. When you get to the 'Woah' section lean them back and watch the smiles as you rock them in a big circle first one way and then the other.

4. Vary the speed. Always start off slow but as your child's confidence grows why not trade up to a horse and really get the song moving! YeeHaa!

5. If your child is a little older you can ask them what they might want to ride on next. It could be a unicorn because, why not! The possibilities are endless!


Riding on a pony, a pony, a pony.

Riding on a pony, here we go...

Woah Woah

Riding on a unicorn, a unicorn a unicorn

Riding on a unicorn, here we go

Woah Woah

Galloping on a horse, a horse a horse

Galloping on a horse, here we go...

Woah Woah

Let your child's imagination soar here by asking what they would like to ride on next. Speeds could be varied to demonstrate rhythm and tempo for example:

Riding on an Elephant - may go super slow. So what are you waiting for Giddy-up and have fun!

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See you all again next week for another fun and musical activity you can share together with your child.

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